Our History

Locally owned and operated


Smart Repair is a Okotoks local company.  We decided to open our shop here because our family lives here.  Secondly, Okotoks has proved to be a communal town.  Okotoks continues to look after each other.  How fantastic.  We knew from the beginning that we would bump into our customers who live and work here.  Our service then would reflect that knowledge.

In The Beginning...


S.M.A.R.T. repair quickly became a industry solution.  Our customers needed the ability to repair and refinish  small damage both affordably and quickly.   The advancement of chemical technologies allowed us to meet this need.

...Still Running


We have a proud history of excellent work and customers service.  Through our success, we have developed a reputation that has quickly spread.  Most of our new customers were referred by a friend.  How awesome is that!  The loyalty of our customers gives us the confidence we are doing it right!